ThunderEcho Drum Memories

It was an incredible run, but due to myriad supplier issues, Athena Music, Inc. DBA ThunderEcho Drum Company has been closed.  The last sale was made in 2022 for an order of eight Trash Kats to the 216 Stix, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ premier percussion group.

Kevin Reed invented and patented the the Trash Kat™ drum, during his rehabilitation from a catastrophic, life changing work injury. For Kevin’s story, click on the button in the above menu.

Although it was fashioned out of a galvanized trash can, it is played for its tympanic-like sound, minus the weight and girth of tympani. And it looks cool! The first drum sold in 2002, and for the next 20 years Kevin and his mom built and sold the Trash Kats across the USA at ThunderEcho™ Drum Company in Ohio.

No Doubt (pic above) used three Trash Kats in one of their CD tours; Living Colour drummer, Wil Calhoun, played one in a production by Robert Redford’s wife; Andy Korn performed on one at a Moondog Coronation Ball; Rick Springfield’s Roger Carter showcased one front-and-center during a Daytime Emmy Award show, it was played by Recycled Percussion on both America and China’s Got Talent; was heard on Bon Jovi, Keith Urban and Toby Keith CDs and a Paul Giovanni movie soundtrack!

Kevin is not going anywhere and will repurpose his workshop in ThunderEcho™ Commons.  He and his mom thank all the drummers who played or smiled at the Trash Kat over the decades and send warm thoughts to keep on drumming.

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