Tech Tips

Drummers love to tinker to obtain just the “right” sound.  Here are some suggestions that users shared with us that personalized their optimization of the Trash Kat…


Marching with the Trash Kat…Some users fasten a marching strap to the Trash Kat for field use.


Handle Dressing… Some musicians enjoy the added sound of the handles rattling, but for those who don’t, here are some novel ideas that were sent in…

  • Tape the handles with masking tape, vinyl tape, or duct tape to prevent rattling.
  • Wind spiral wrap (to hold multiple wires) around the handles themselves.  However, be sure to shove the spiral wrap deeply into the handle openings.

With a lot of determination and the proper shop tools the handles can be pulled out of the bracket, but without handles a strap cannot be attached nor is it easily carried!

  • Encase the handles in a split radiator hose, horizontally affixed to the handle bottom.
  • A drum circle facilitator uses bungee cords as shown in the following picture.  The cord is spiraled around the handle bottom then attached to the tension rod on either side.  He then uses the extended handles to hold mallets.  Handle Bungee

Beaters… The choice of beaters influence the sound as all drummers know.  The Trash Kat invites a variety of approaches…

  • Regular sticks

  • Mallet…timpani  mallets to approximate the sound of a kettle drum

  • Regal Tip Conga Sticks to give a hand drum sound without using your hands


Enhance Tom Resonance…

  • Pearl R-40/3 rubber floor tom leg tips can replace the standard leg tips that came with your tom.  The Pearl tips are said to further enhance the sound of the Trash Kat.